Campus Management System

Campus Management System is a portal design specifically for school. It offers a variety of modules that manage school transactions like admission, assessment, billing and payment during enrollment. Not only with this, it also have a student portal which allow the student to monitor their grades, enlist subjects and monitor their school fees. The system provide a report which is already align accordingly to the needs of the school and DepEd or CHED.

Admission Module

Students account will be created in this module. Upon admitting the student, profile shall be stored in the student master file. Student number will be automatically generated which will be used by the student in transaction with the school like payment and enrollment. The admission module will generate reports regarding the number of students enrolled in each grade in a day-to-day basis. Report shall include new freshman, transferee and old continuing students. The primary user of the module is the Admission Officer.

Registration Module

The primary user of this module is the Registrar and the Academic Chairman. This module will include features in adding of year level, sections and curriculum for every year level. This also includes the facility for encoding schedule of subject offering for the current term which shall be used for the enlistment of student’s subject during enrollment. The module has the capability of checking whether an encoded  subject has a conflict with previously encoded schedule in the room and time. Account creation of instructors shall also be handled by the Academic Chairman. Loading of subjects to the respective instructors shall be covered by this module. The Registrar shall be given access to the module with restricted access. Completion of grades will also be encoded the Registrar along with the approved forms for the change of grade to avoid grades tampering.The system shall handle also the dropping of students with incomplete grades on the duration approved by the policy of the institution. Grade slip printing shall be part of this module to provide a printed grade summary report.

Class Record Module

The class record module shall be used by the faculty members of the school. This includes facility for grades encoding for every period. The facility will also set a locking of periodic grades so that integrity of grades shall be protected. Periodic printing of grades shall be included as well as grade period printing of grades for easy monitoring of student performance.

Finance Module

The primary user of this module is the Accountant / Cashier of the school. All financial transactions of the student shall be processed by the financial module. All transactions should be finally approved at the financial module like tuition fees, laboratory fee, Miscellaneous, etc. In this manner, all transactions that include financial matters will be provided with printed summary reports. The system will include features in the uploading of fees for the computation of payables. Financial reports will also be generated depending on the needs of the department like end of the transactions. Fees adjustment will also have catered by the system. The financial module will also keep track of students’ ledger.

System Administration Module

Account creation for other users of different modules shall be managed by the IT Head. This excludes account creation of Faculty account which shall be handled the Registration module. This include also the other features such SMS notification and sending of email to the students.

Examination Module

This module is specifically designed for both students and employees of the school. This module will be used for entrance examinations and class activity such as quizzes and periodical exam. This will lessen the use of test paper during examination period. The module will automatically check all the answer submitted by the examinee. The administrator can set the time duration of each exam. Once the
examinees reach the time duration of the exam it will automatically submitted and check by the system.