Custom Based Application Development

We offer different type of custom business application that will meet your business requirements. Starting from the  scratch going to one single application which is base on your own work flow. Custom Business Applications (CBA) handles different type of business needs such as point-of-sale (POS), sales and inventory, registration, billing, monitoring, payroll and invoicing. CBA can be online or offline applications or even both (hybrid).

This type of development needs a proper coordination to both parties, client and developer. All data and work flow must be clear for both parties before proceeding to the development in order to meet the working timeline. The development will be only focus to the scope that was discussed during the preliminary interview. The total cost of the application and timeline depends on the complexity of the application that the client requesting for their business.

How It Works



Gather all the data such as fill up forms, reports and current work flow of your business.



Study and provide solutions based from the data gathered.



Develop and assess per module until the program or application is fully completed.

Upon Turnover

We provide free training to the user who will use the application. We give also warranty to the application we developed based on a certain period stated to the contract or memorandum of agreement.




The clients meet 100% of their business requirements.



No license needed or monthly fees.



Flexible Payment terms.

Looking for Custom Application That Fits to Your Budgets and Business Needs?