Human Resource Management System

Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

Human Resource Management System is a combination of systems and processes that connect human resource management and information technology. It integrates different level of information from different modules into one universal database.

The HRMS (Human Resource Management System)  was able to advance among other human resource management systems in the market. Through customization and optimization process, the system was able to maximize its features in order to create a better, efficient and reliable solution that will suit to your company needs in terms of human resource management.

The HRMS was fully customized based on the transactions needed in a company today. The system can be implemented into three different ways; local based, web based and Hybrid.

The Local based system requires a physical connection among the computers. It requires having a unique stand-alone client-server computer for the database purposes and computers that will serve as a client that is connected to the network.

Web based system wherein the system is put in the Cloud server via internet connection. No need to provide a server or any physical connection to the server.

And lastly, the Hybrid which means the combination of local and web based are used in this type implementation. The company will have a local server residing in their office. All of the data will be primarily stored in the local server. A time interval will be set to the local server in order to pass all of the new data to the web server which is our secondary server. This will serve as another back up and at the same time, the employee can access and view their files anywhere and anytime they want.

Furthermore, the system is ready for any kind of future development such as Mobile integration, Email notification, SMS notification, Fingerprint scanner (biometrics) and etc. This kind of enhancement will optimize the function of the system.


Employee Management System

This module is specifically designed for managing employee.  This module will include features in adding/editing employee profile, deactivating employee status, uploading employee resume. These are the additional features that can be added to the modules:

  • Employee Directory
  • Salary history
  • Memos
  • Leave Monitoring

Attendance Monitoring

This module is designed for attendance and schedule of employee. Together with this module is a finger print scanner, a hardware that has capability to scan and record the fingerprint of each employee. This is the hardware that will be used in recording the employee attendance. Furthermore, this module can run also with or without this hardware by typing the employee number which will serve as manual procedure. This will not affect the features of the module. The module has the following features:

  • Record the schedule of all active employees.
  • Record the employee attendance.
  • Check the total number of minutes of late and overtime of each employee based on the given schedule.
  • Create a daily / weekly / monthly summary or individual attendance report.


This module is based on the payroll usually used in Philippines. This module will depend on the other two modules stated above.  The module includes the following features such as automatic SSS, Philhealth, HDMF, Withholding Tax Computation, automatic Gross and Net computation, Other Adjustment and Salary Deduction Computation and Employee Salary Summary Report.

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