Sales and Inventory System

Sales and Invetory System ( SIS )

Sales and Inventory System (QSIS / QPOS) is a system specifically designed to cater different type transactions in business that needs sales and inventory or point of sales.

QSIS / QPOS contains different modules such as stock catalogue, delivery, sales, customer billing and  reports. These modules are designed and can be customized based on your business need. Through with it, it will help the client to maximize the capability of the system. Using this system, the company will be able to have an efficient and reliable reports that they need for their decision making.

QSIS / QPOS can be used and implemented both local and online or stand alone or in network premises.  In local,  the client is required to have a unit where the the program and database will be installed or server for the database and workstation for the program if the set up will be LAN or Local Network only.

Cloud based Inventory system is highly recommended due for the low maintenance cost. The system can be access online using your laptop, tablet or mobile. It gives the client a wide range of flexibility and comfort upon monitoring the daily transaction and sales of the business establishment. One of the best example for this type environment are those business that have remote branches, franchise or online store. Upon using this technology, it will help the client to monitor and updates their stocks and sales with just a click of a button. No need to travel just to check your daily and monthly reports. by logging in to the portal, you can run your business anywhere you are.  

Monitor Your Business Daily Transaction Anytime. Anywhere.